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Telugu hot chat live

Chanti (Ravi Teja), Bairagi, Satipandu and others are wayward youth who reside in the same village.

They spend their time playing cards, drinking and teasing girls. Few of them are also naxals and pass information of the ongoings of the village to Naxalites who live in the nearby forest.

As they discuss their lives, their van is blown up by a gang of Naxals.

Bulliraju (Brahmaji) is in training to become a police officer.

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The film dealt with the intricacies of Naxalism in Andhra Pradesh.

The film has garnered the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu - "For the film's sincere effort at analysing, the problem of corruption which leads to disillusionment among the young and perpetuates violence within a society", The movie begins with a cadre of police constables on their way home from election duty.

Justice is as important to the sustenance of a society as food and water.

He is hot blooded and has a strong sense of justice.

Buliraju is from a small village close to the Godavari river.

Buliraju returns in the middle of his police training to find that the local policemen act more like the henchmen of the rich rather than defenders of the people and justice.

When Satipandu is suspected of being a closet Naxal and is picked up by the police, Buliraju too is picked up too as he tries to defend his friend.

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