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However, this should not provide a basis for assuming that the 6th and earlier 7th century ducal appointments involved territorial attribution.

From the early 8th century, the presence in charters of nobles with the title count is relatively frequent, especially in charters issued by the maior domus.

The families of the maiores domus of the three Merovingian kingdoms of Austrasia, Burgundy and Neustria are set out in chapters 1, 2 and 3 of this document.

During Merovingian times, the "maior domus" was the head of the royal household.

In addition, duces are named in Auvergne, Champagne, Gascony and Transjurania (part of the kingdom of Burgundy) during the 7th century, although the documentation does not reveal whether the individuals who successively held these titles were related or not.

It is suggested that the Merovingian duces were primarily military appointees, in line with the Roman tradition, and that their jurisdiction over local areas, if any, was limited to military purposes.

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In addition, all charters dated before the Carolingian period identify specific locations which are the subject of the grant or donation only by reference to the relevant pagus not a county.

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