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Nairobi quick sex hookup sites

Young people today are not having as much sex as previous generations, despite the widespread availability of dating sites and apps and more accepting attitudes about premarital sex, researchers said Tuesday. A man leaves a bar in Nairobi’s CBD to his car, parked safely a yard away.Over the next weeks and months Facebook will be rolling out a feature it calls Nearby Friends.This feature, which will be off by default, when turned on, will allow friends to know that you are near each other. There was this day I was in an hotel in down town Nairobi.He resists the temptation, accelerates his car and turns his music to the maximum. On the other side of town, another man walks out of a bar to receive a call but he is suddenly swarmed by a troop of twilight girls.He barks at them and tries to go back inside the bar, but he seems interested, just drunk and undecided.

Is Facebook likely to introduce that feature on its mobile apps? You know privacy outcries has prevented Facebook from rolling out a number of products it could have liked to roll out including those that allow strangers to hook up without stress.

Ever since sin was discovered, sex has been the most selling commodity over the centuries probably followed closely by drugs then fuel.

Tech companies have not been blind to this and that’s why at the dawn of Internet and the world wide web there have been numerous “adult only” dating sites, porn sites, and match making websites all centered towards sex.

That is instead of outright allowing strangers to like each other and potentially hook up, Mark has decided to first allow “Facebook Friends” (most whom are strangers to one another) to know when they are near each other e.g.

by showing info such “John Doo is 2 Kms away” on a map, a feature he had decided to call Nearby Friends.

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Although this feature is set to debut as an off feature by default, I’m very positive Facebook will turn the table and make it to be an on feature by default after testing the market in the first few months.