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It’s far more logical than the alternative, which involves coming up with a theory about how successful men, if they’re tepid about going on a first date, are more apt to lie to unsuspecting women. This reminds me of another logical principle: Occam’s Razor: What I will say about men – something that you can take to the bank – is this: We usually mean what we say.This may not seem revelatory, but it is, since women are notorious for NOT saying what they mean. But there is one big exception to “men say what they mean”: when he’s using a woman for a casual relationship.Now all you have to do is find a guy who does want to stick around – and forget about the guys who don’t.

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Für die "Blauen" ist es ein gutes Omen, denn die Historie ist nun auf ihrer Seite: Schon 2014/15 (Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing), 2008/09 (Ericsson 4), 2005/06 (ABN Amro 1), 2001/02 (Illbruck Challenge) und 1997/98 ("EF Language") hatten jeweils die Gewinner der ersten Etappe des Rennens um die Welt später auch die Gesamtwertung gewonnen.

Für das Team Vestas 11th Hour markiert der Etappensieg nicht nur einen aus Expertensicht überraschend starken Auftakt, bei dem die Top-Favoriten auf der spanischen "Mapfre" und "Dongfeng" souverän in Schach gehalten werden konnten.

Is it possible to run into your high school best friend on a mountaintop cabin in Switzerland where there are only 8 other people?

Is it possible to have two brothers killed by the same taxi driver in accidents one year apart?

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It’s only the fact they wrote BEFORE meeting her that she thinks it’s odd.

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