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Though this couple is divorced they are parents to their only adorable baby boy.

There is no information about his past relation with his former wife about how they met and their affairs neither about his present relationships, or affairs.

They were married in 2012 but due to some reason, the pair split in 2014 after two year of their marriage.

From the first day she went missing, her classmates lived through the frustrations of an inconclusive police investigation and the indignities of a media firestorm that made Natalee Holloway a household name.

They watched as van der Sloot, the main suspect in the crime, was twice detained by police in connection with the investigation—and twice released without ever being charged.

"We rarely made it to the hospital unless we were broken." Holloway's family often faced tough financial straits; he grew up in a trailer park and began working part-time at the age of 11, collecting chicken carcasses on nearby farms.

"I thought about being a forest ranger," he remembers about his childhood ambitions.

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