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It doesn’t call itself a sharp-shinned hawk, and it especially doesn’t call itself a “sharpie,” the word tossed into the air by those designated to do one thing, every morning, August through December, while standing in the same place in the middle of this park: count hawks.

Spotting scopes on tripods idle in a line like toy cannons, and counters, almost always white men in their sixties and seventies, wear binoculars over their windbreakers and bring pack lunches.Now that he is retired, he can go birding every day.He isn’t limited by the stationary nature of the count.It can take years of watching to really see something.Many of the hawk counters I met at Lighthouse named unpredictability as the main reason they love the kind of stationary birding at the count, which is also known as “sitting.” Frank Gallo, a Lighthouse regular, swears by it.

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Steve Mayo, the gap-toothed count coordinator, occupied the more social corner of the count around the picnic table.

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