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It’s not easy to say what sometimes needs to be said: “It’s time for our church to close.” Religious leaders in Bridgeport announced last Saturday that one of the biggest churches in the city was shutting down this past week.Parish officials say the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit on Union Avenue is in foreclosure and the bank will take possession of the building.The earliest writings of the Apostolic Fathers, the Didache and the First Epistle of Clement, for example, show the church used two terms for local church offices—presbyters (seen by many as an interchangeable term with episcopos or overseer) and deacon.In Timothy and Titus in the New Testament a more clearly defined episcopate can be seen.East End leader Ernie Newton, who now leads the parish, says the church is the victim of predatory lending practices by the bank.

eader according to research, on an average day in the United States, nine churches close their doors for good.The bank did not respond to News 12's request for comment.This article is about the office in Christian churches. Within the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican, Old Catholic and Independent Catholic churches and in the Assyrian Church of the East, bishops claim apostolic succession, a direct historical lineage dating back to the original Twelve Apostles.In (Acts and Acts ), we see a collegiate system of government in Jerusalem chaired by James the Just, according to tradition the first bishop of the city.In (Acts ), the Apostle Paul ordains presbyters in churches in Anatolia.

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