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But the real enemy, most of the time were themselves. They weren’t enemies of humanity, they were celebrity-gods, and it took a toll on them. Comico, the publisher went out-and in-and-out-of-business. And eventually the books stopped appearing on shelves. I’ve spent the last seven years, slowly warming-up to the X-men.

If one of them screwed up, the others called them on it. They had failed relationships, embarrassing public defeats, and were never quite ready for the task of being humanity’s ultimate heroes. I’ve always read them, but just in the last few years, with Morrison’s manifesto, it’s gotten to the level of - I want to say ‘reality’ - that Willingham put into the Elementals. The Xmen is a juggernaught (pun intended) of epic proportions.

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They all find themselves reborn, immortal, and charged with the task of fighting evil.

I’m sure if the comic was still around today they would’ve gone back again and finished him off at the behest of Lil’ Bush. And they swore like sailors when the situation called for it. Anything comic that wasn’t Spawn, or lame by comparison, did pretty bad.There was always killing in the comic (mostly goons and small characters), but eventually the Elementals had a meeting and decided to simply ‘kill anyone who fought against them’ rather than just keep locking them up.The entire issue was just them sitting around a table arguing about it, and it still remains my favorite to this day.All Media can help you find the targeted email lists that will get you results, getting your cat toys in front of the cat lovers who will be most likely to buy.Unlike other forms of direct marketing like direct mail and telemarketing, there are several different factors that you must consider when buying targeted email lists.

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